On a journey to find the silver linings

On a journey to find the silver linings

Friday, July 22, 2016

Let Christians Remember

  My friends, like most of you I am weary of this political season; of the candidates, the rhetoric, the fighting, the doublespeak & lies said with straight faces, the hate, and the accusations. I am unsure of so many things on the news because of the spin, the angles, the agendas, and the sources. I hardly know what to believe anymore. And like so many others I've talked with, I can barely believe any of this madness is really happening to our country. At times I feel that we're simply being swept along in this surreal tidal wave of political and social lunacy, and that these United States are unraveling right around us.

So in the mayhem here is what I, a confessing Christian, must tell myself:

Let Christians remember that we do NOT live in a "Christian nation."

Let Christians remember that Jesus was rejected because He refused to assume political power and control.

Let Christians remember that Jesus' only explicitly expressed political views were to pay our taxes.

Let Christians remember that the words "democrat" and "republican" are not in the Bible.

Let Christians remember that God does not lead a country - He leads His people. That is a big difference.

Let Christians remember that God does not lead a political party - He leads the Church.

As a Christian my conscience is spun from sure and ancient Words, and my hope is not in the words of a man or woman I will ultimately cast a vote for.

And even though I live in this crazy, sad, and ever-changing world for my numbered years, 
there are things I know,
there are things I am sure of.

Divide this as you will, hate it if you want, but it's what I believe.